"I have never welcomed the weakening of family ties by politics or pressure" - Nelson Mandela.
"He who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one" - Japanese proverb.
"Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence." - Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
"When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". -
David Cameron.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Divided Families Scotland - demo outside Holyrood

Source : Dinnae Deport Oor Arbroath Angie / Divided Families Scotland

Thanks to Angie for sharing these!

More flyers for the demo : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/flyers-for-this-saturdays-demonstration.html
"Surprised Brits" report tells of long-term residents shocked to discover they are 'illegal immigrants'

Source :Migrants' Rights Network / Legal Action Group


'A new report from the Legal Action Group (LAG) details the experiences of people who have lived in the UK for many years and who had believed they were British citizens or at least had a legal residence status.'

'Chasing Status challenges the idea that being ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ in the country is a simple matter and everyone must surely know if they are one or the other.'

Chasing Status : http://www.lag.org.uk/magazine/2014/10/the-unintended-victims-of-%27a-hostile-environment%27.aspx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Is UK handling of EEA Family Permit visas still a problem?
Source : EU Movement blog


Quotes :
'In the past, British embassy handling of EEA Family Permit visas has systematically violated EU Law, even in the straight forward cases. The problems are detailed in the Oct 2012 complaint to the European Commission CHAP(2012)3146.
'The executive summary of the complaint (reproduced below) highlights some of the problems encountered by married couples applying for an EEA Family Permit.  The full complaint has significantly more detail.

UK handling of EU family member visas systematically violates EU law :
Flyers for this Saturday's demonstration in Edinburgh

Created by :Tania

More information : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/divided-families-scotland-demonstration.html

Outside Scottish Parliament Building (EH99 1SP) on Saturday 18th October 2014 at 12:00 noon.

Divided Families Scotland on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/416927848454512/

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

After 20 years of marriage, wife from Bristol now faces deportation

Source :Bristol Post


'Mr Draper, 59, a property developer, said: "After more than a year of visa negotiations involving lawyers and wranglings with the court, our faith in the immigration system has been totally destroyed. We don't know why Mae wasn't given a one-on-one interview at the time of applying, in which our circumstances could have been explained properly, instead of forms containing tick boxes.

"Mae is a trained midwife and wants to work and live in this country but is being denied that opportunity, despite us having been married for nearly 20 years.

"The UK Border Agency should not be using immigration rules in this way, to keep a decent hard-working family apart."

Don't take my mum away, Hanham teenager begs immigration authorities : http://theweekin.co.uk/uncategorized/dont-take-mum-away-hanham-teenager-begs-immigration-authorities/

'A DVD highlighting the Save Mae Campaign has been produced, in which the couple’s 14-year-old daughter Rhian, a student at the John Cabot Academy in Kingswood, pleads with the immigration authorities not to take her mum away, saying: “My family is being torn apart by the UK Government.” '


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Divided Families Scotland is on Twitter

https://twitter.com/DividedFamScot - give them a follow!

Don't forget the demonstration outside Holyrood this Saturday! : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/divided-families-scotland-demonstration.html 

‘Under detention they think you’re criminal’

Source : Portsmouth News


"If I’m deported there’s no chance of seeing my son. I left Nigeria 31 years ago – where on earth I going to stay? I don’t know anybody in Nigeria, my mum died in 2002, my dad died when I was four years old. What happens to my wife and who looks after my son? They call this justice – there is no justice in the Home Office. Detention is inhuman – I don’t know what to do."

Via Dinnae deport oor Arbroath Angie.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Divided Families Scotland - demonstrate outside Holyrood this Saturday 18th October

Negatively affected by the UKBA?
Denied a visa unjustly?
Separated from a loved one?
Denied a future and life in the UK?

... then we cordially invite you to join our demonstration to make a difference at the Scottish Parliament Building (EH99 1SP) on Saturday 18th October 2014 at 12:00 noon.

Come and make some noise against the discriminatory and unfair immigration rules set by the Home Office against our families. Please bring your families, brothers, sisters, neighbours, friend, grannies, to shout and support us. Let our voices be heard!

Our families are not a minority, and in fact, these rules cand and will be affecting more and more families each day.

Bring your banners, photos, collages etc to make the demo more colourfully displayed.

Flyers by our members and supporters Fran, Tania and Angie :

Family Christmas denied!

United by love - divided by the Home Office!

Divided Families Scotland on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/416927848454512/

More ideas for flyers : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/flyers

Saturday, 11 October 2014

'Brothers who may be woman's last chance of beating leukaemia barred from entering UK'

Source :Mirror

'A mum fighting leukaemia has seen her three brothers – her last chance of a bone marrow transplant – barred from Britain.

'Fatemeh Mehdipour’s siblings were refused visas to fly in from Iran, despite being the closest surgical matches.

'The Home Office said it was “not satisfied” they would be “genuine visitors” and feared they would seek to stay in Britain after their visas expired.

'Fatemeh’s devastated daughter Azar, 24, told the Birmingham Mail: “We were all so positive, and thought mum would be having her transplant.

'“Everyone is so angry – she will die if she doesn’t get this transplant."'

Mirror Poll: 'Should Fatemeh's brothers be allowed into the country?' currently running at 81% YES. Add your voice.
Previously - posts on the campaign to save Oliver Cameron, whose sister was initially refused a visa to donate a kidney. The decision was ultimately reversed :

Friday, 10 October 2014

UKIP's policies

Whilst watching Question Time last night I found myself exasperated that once again we were seeing a UKIP candidate on the panel -  a party with no MP's at that time, whereas the Green party, with Members of Parliament continued to be shafted by the what should be an impartial BBC.

I found myself asking once again what were these other UKIP policies - so we all know they want us out of the EU to stop free movement of people, but what are their views on other issues? BBC has provided info on other UKIP policies but they're just as non-sensical as the EU exit one.

UKIP proposes to leave the EU, but retain trading links, whilst withdrawing from treaties, not paying membership fees and they claim this would be similar to the relationship with the EU had by Norway and Switzerland.  Their primary concern here seems to stem from reducing EU workers moving to the UK.

Let's be clear. Free movement of people is as much a pillar of the EU as free movement of goods and services.  So if we are to retain our trade links, so must we free movement of people.  We cannot despite UKIP's hoodwinking attempt, have one without the other.

Norway whilst not a member of the EU, is a member of the European Economic Area. Which means it pays about half the membership fees into the EU as we do, but it still must accept the treaties, including free movement of people.  It just doesn't have a say in what the treaties are!  Our stance changing to be like Norway will not deliver what the bulk of UKIP's supporters think they will get with more power to UKIP.

Switzerland is neither a member of the EU nor the EEA, but it does have bilateral agreements with the EU.  So just as a French, Norwegian or Polish person can move to the UK to live and work here, so can a Swiss - and similarly, a British person can go to France, Norway, Poland or Switzerland.

There's also no mention of the fact that goods and services are cheaper for us because of the EU and the resulting increased competition.  Imagine no Polish plumbers. Don't you think a British plumber will then charge more? Basic supply-demand theory.

I did try and explain this to Nigel Farage, whilst speaking with him last year after a debate hosted by Intelligence Squared, however Nigel refused to believe that an exit from the EU whilst retaining membership of the EEA would not stop free movement of people.   

I wholeheartedly feel UKIP made these grand claims of what they could achieve because they don't believe there will ever come a point when they would need to deliver.  Else why is it that with seemingly the entire purpose of UKIP being to stem free movement of people they don't understand the very basic mechanics.  

Mass uncontrolled immigration - statistics please!  Where are the lack of controls when thousands of British citizens are prevented from being with their family, only because their husband, wife, mum or dad is not British?  When someone earning £18,599 is unable to have his wife join him in the UK because he is just £1 short of the dont-get-me-started £18,600 income level.

What does UKIP mean by a freeze on immigration for permanent settlement? Would we for a five year period, issue no ILR to people who have already been living here for over five years, or do they mean put in a five year waiting period before someone is granted ILR - which in fact is already the case for almost all visas that I can think of except adult dependant relatives (to which the door is slammed shut anyway) so UKIP is not promising anything new.

New arrivals to the UK already have no recourse to public funds for five years - which prevents their accessing ppublic housing or benefits - so again nothing new from UKIP here.  The execption is EU citizens - who must be treated the same as British citizens, just as British citizens are treated as locals by other member states. If the proposal was you have to have paid tax here for five years before accessing benefits - whether you are a British citizen or not, then this requirement could also be imposed on fellow EU citizens.  However this is not what UKIP states - they state they want this restriction to apply only to migrants - which it already does!

A single rate of income tax.  I think I might cry.  The whole point of a progressive tax system, as we have in the UK - whereby income is divided into bands, and the income which falls into the higher bands is taxed at a higher rate, is to redistribute income from higher-earners to lower-earners.  A flat rate of tax will mean tax revenue will drop and the people who will benefit from this the most, are the higher-earners, not Joe Bloggs!  This is an incredibly stupid proposal that will widen the divide between the rich and the poor.

That the uber-rich manage to avoid tax is another issue and I'd love to hear more from all parties on how they will tackle that.

I'm not against grammar schools actually so this proposal doesn't offend me so much - except I would like to know how UKIP believes it can fund student grants as opposed to student loans?

Proposal to hand control of NHS to locally elected County Health Boards - this would result in a huge variation in level of service amongst countries; inflated salaries paid to more people, and dare I say, corruption, inefficiencies, and lack of responsbiility.  How will this be funded?

UKIP wants to increase defence spending and build more warships. Sigh.  Where is the money coming from please?

Energy and climate change
UKIP is openly sceptical over the concept of climate change altogether. UKIP wants to scrap any increntives for renewable energy, cancel wind farm developments ad expand fracking and nuclear power stations.

Oh my goodness me.  The importance of increasing our usage of renewable sources of energy, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, was something I learned about in science at the age of 12. It's just common sense. Work with nature, not against it.  If UKIP thinks fracking and nuclear power stations are the way to go, let's start these in the areas UKIP candidates and supporters live in and hear the loud cries of 'not in my backyard'.

It's this policy which makes Clacton-on-Sea's vote last night for UKIP particularly bemusing as mentioned in this tweet.

Gay marriage
UKIP is all for civil partnerships, hurrah, but opposes gay marriage because churches should be able to decide for themselves who they will or will not marry.  As far as I'm aware, this decision is up to the local priest (or equivalent in other religions).  Frankly who'd want a reluctant party to preside over their marriage anyway?

Law and order
UKIP wants to double prison places, enforce zero tolerance and protect frontline policing.

Doubling of prison places - how? Where is the land to do this and where will the funds come from? What do they mean by zero tolerance? Is there nothing for which community service would suffice? What are their thoughts on rehabilitation to reduce recurrences?

Ah here is the answer to my question. Sort of.  UKIP says the tens of billions of tax cuts will be funded by cuts to public expenditure to deal with the deficit.  Questions
1) Are the cuts to fund the tax cuts or to eliminate the deficit? It can't be both as the numbers don't add up.
2) Where will the cuts be? Prisons and defence would see a rise in expenditure under UKIP.  UKIP has already aired their wanting cuts to tax, including council tax.  What's left? Schools, NHS, roads, welfare benefits....

Thank goodness Bank of England has a mandate to operate independently of political motives, else we'd just see our currency depreciate with wheelbarrows filled with money used to buy bread and milk from orders of printing money to pay for increased expenditure.

Social issues
UKIP isn't a fan of multiculturalism - how many people do you know who have family members hailing from a different part of the world to themselves?  Has this not enriched their life?

UKIP also wants to allow smoking in pubs and bring back hunting.  Yes, this really is progress to them.

UKIP wants more local and national referendums on 'major issues'.  Referendums are expensive. Who will pay for these and what does UKIP consider to be 'major issues'?

Why UKIP so badly wants to get into Westminster I don't understand given they already are known for not particpating in votes in European parliament depiste being MEP's. Perhaps they just want yet another role they get paid for not turning up to.

I urge anyone voting in May 2015, to question the promises made by the parties - whatever your political affiliation. Ask - will they be able to deliver this promise, and if so how? What resources are required? Where will the funding come from? What areas will consequently see a cut? What happens if this promise is not fulfilled? Ask. Ask out loud, ask the candidate directly, ask on twitter - discuss with your friends, family, colleagues. Use your education and learn to question. Remember politicians are paid to represent us. Ensure they do.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Family permit refusal letter

Not much astounds me when it comes to appalling behaviour from the Home Office, but they sure deserve a prize for coming up with the most bizarre reasons for deportation or refusal of entry.

One I've just come across has made me so angry, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the HO's ability to still get to me.  Perhaps because I've not been on twitter much over the last few days the frustration is on overload.  Despite that I have seen many incredibly poor reasons for refusal already, illegal reasons, this refusal letter has really got to me, because in refusing the family permit, HO cites the applicant and sponsor went to 'extensive lengths to understand fully Regulation 9.." thereby deducing that it must have been an attempt to circumvent the rules.

Oh my goodness me.  So a family which ensures they understand the rules so as to comply with them is penalised; whilst another that does not understand the complex and ever changing rules, is also penalised for not complying with the very same rules.

Home Office goes on to state that because the British sponsor's salary in France was less than their spend, they are considered to be self-sufficient not employed. Again, a stupid deduction. The EEA regs do not specify a required level of income.  They actually don't even require any employment at all for exercise of rights under Surinder Singh, as long as the initial free movement exercise was genuine and family life was created or strengthened.  So by imposing the condition of employment/self-employment in itself, I believe UK is in violation of EEA law - and I understand the European Commission has commenced infringement proceedings against the UK for it's regulation 9 requirements (centre of life).

Of course, if those who spend more than their earnings are not considered to be employed, wonder if this means the no doubt thousands of Brits living in the UK who engage in just this kind of behaviour can just claim self-sufficiency and avoid income tax and possibly even claim income-related benefits!

It just beggars belief that we live in a country where a government department can flout the law so openly, and be so uncaring of how ridiculous their reasons for refusal are.  See not just the above refusal letter, but this extract from a deportation letterthis one too,blog piece by Colin Yeo and this blatantly racist HO statement shared by Melanie Griffiths.

I urge anyone who finds Home Office in violation of the EEA regulations to make a complaint to Solvit.  When faced with a government that refuses to listen, holding them accountable for their behaviour may be the only way to ensure we live in a country where the government doesn't use its muscle to act unlawfully, and that it is obliged to interpret regulations in the manner intended.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Leeds school caretaker who lost fight to stay in UK in emotional exit

Source :Yorkshire Evening Post


'... Staff at Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE Primary School held a special assembly yesterday to pay tribute to hardworking colleague Portas Ongondo, who had worked there for six years.

'Pupils returning to their classrooms for the autumn term were upset to find the caring character was no longer a feature of their school lives.

'The dedicated worker, whose commitment to the school “far exceeded the role of caretaker”, was told during the summer break he could no longer live and work in the UK following the breakdown of his marriage. '

Portas on Twitter : https://twitter.com/PortasUK

Via I Love My Foreign Spouse and Dinnae Deport Oor Arbroath Angie.


Updated answers to the most frequently asked questions here with links to some excellent articles, reports and forums.  Topics covered include:
  • UK's immigration rules, including the MM case impacting spouses/partners, 
  • UK's immigration rules for Adult Dependant Relatives
  • EU treaty rights
  • Surinder Singh - special application of EU treaty rights for home state

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tax-free allowance - Conservative Party Conference

So today Cameron, at the Conservative Party Conference, announced that if the Tories win the 2015 election, he will increase the tax free allowance to £12,500 by 2020.  This seemed to be met with awe by many, with others questioning how such a rise could be funded.

Several thoughts.  Is £12,500 all that generous, given no concrete date for its implementation has been announced?  When I look at increases already applied under this government, I'd have to say no, whether I extrapolate the 2015-16 tax free allowance of £10,500 to 2019-20 by the lowest annual percentage, or the absolute amount.

For example, the lowest % increase, year-on-year, under this government has been 5%.  The lowest absolute amount is £500.  Applying this going forwards, we'd reach a tax free threshold of £12,763 under the first method and £12,500 under the second.  So Cameron's 'promise' does not seem generous, unless he means for this level of tax-free allowance to come into play much earlier, which is unlikely given his comments on the deficit.

Year TFA Annual % increase TFA Increase to TFA
2010–11 £6,475 £6,475
2011–12 £7,475 15.4% £7,475 £1,000
2012–13 £8,105 8.4% £8,105 £630
2013–14 £9,440 16.5% £9,440 £1,335
2014–15 £10,000 5.9% £10,000 £560
2015-16 £10,500 5.0% £10,500 £500
2016-17 £11,025 5.0% £11,000 £500
2017-18 £11,576 5.0% £11,500 £500
2018-19 £12,155 5.0% £12,000 £500
2019-20 £12,763 5.0% £12,500 £500

Now looking at the next bit of Cameron's 'promise', that with a tax-free allowance of £12,500 no one on minimum wage will pay any income tax.  This is a blatant attempt to appear to be altruistic, when it's really to bribe the lower earner voters with a headline making announcement which in actual fact benefits the higher-earners more!

A rise in minimum wage from £6.31 to £6.50 came into force today.  This implies an annual salary of  £12,145. A tax-free allowance of £12,500 equates to an hourly rate of £6.69.  So a minimum wage of £6.70 or over would breach the £12,500 tax-free allowance.  So with his promise, Cameron is also committing to minimum wage being no higher than by 2020. That is, over the next five years, minimum wage will not go up by more than a total of 19p.  So what is £6.50 on 1 October 2012 will be no higher than £6.69 come 5 April 2020.

I may have been impressed had Cameron said the higher tax-free allowance applies only to those whose total incomes are below a certain level, rather than all of us benefiting.

Finally, with his bold claims of cutting spending to eliminate the deficit, I echo the sentiments of others in wondering how these tax cuts will be funded; I wonder what areas will see cuts. Education, NHS, welfare, housing, or surely not, our spend on war and weapons which have nothing to do with defending our nation?  Sadly what is not in doubt is that it is the lower earners who will bear the brunt of the cuts in spending whilst also benefiting the least from the tax cuts.

Surinder Singh country specific guide

with updates and brand new sections for Denmark and Netherlands available here.  A massive thank you to all the contributors for sharing your experience.  For those with anything to add, major or trivial, please contact us! If your contribution helps even one person it's gratefully received.

'Henry is being removed to Nigeria today.He hasn't been there for 31 yrs. He leaves behind his British wife & children.'

Via https://twitter.com/Heather_Jones5/status/517250357039476736

'Too many laws, not enough justice – voice from Haslar' - http://unlocked.org.uk/blog/too-many-laws-not-enough-justice-voice-from-haslar/

There's still time to submit a statement to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration's Detention Inquiry - http://detentionforum.org.uk/detention-inquiry-2/

Deadline today!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Divided Families Scotland

MeetUp 20th September 2014

Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for making it to our meetup that took place 20th September in Glasgow.
It was a great turn up and valuable opportunity to have stories heard and share tips among members affected by the Immigration Rules. Without you, we wouldn't be able to deliver the chance to hear and be heard and most of all, the support that each one of us need when struggling against such discriminatory rules. Definitely you are not alone!

I am sorry that I took long in update you all with the minutes that I wrote down during the meeting, I find myself often disrupted by daily life, and I hope you don't think I had forgotten about you all,

Our meetup took place in Glasgow inside a little cafe called Carlton Studios. Thumbs up to the owner who let us used their facilities with no issues.

Those who attended made great input in our conversation. Members started sharing their stories straight away after introducing themselves. Many of us, felt very moved by hearing some of the atrocities some families are put through this fight against Immigration Rules.

I also shared a piece on Britics work with members, so they know what work they have done and how much support and other stories are here in this blogging site.

Members also discussed possibilities of SS route, the pros and cons, tips and rules in this journey.

Exemptions of the rules were brought up, for those who can claim DLA and other benefits.

And lastly, we agreed in carrying out a demonstration to coincide with the London Demo for Divided Families, 18th October outside the doors of the Scottish Parliament at 12 pm.
Event has been created under Divided Families Scotland and also I love my Foreign Spouse Facebook groups.

Event under Divided Families Scotland

Event under I Love My Foreign Spouse

Two demos could definitely have such impact that our presences can not then be ignored. We have many talented member that will make of this event a very especial one.

The meetup was a success and hearing people's stories made made realize that we all have something in common, great strength!
We will be holding many more in the future so please sign up to our MeetUp page so you dont miss out. Remember, you are not alone!

You can also share your stories here by emailing britcits@gmail.com or contacting Steven Green or me:D

Best regards and always love and light to each one of you

Francisca (Fran)

Poignant goodbyes

Source :Twitter

https://twitter.com/tinkerthomas83 tweets :

'Heading home from Honduras. Leaving my fiancée behind. Just had last breakfast together.'

More -

Justice for Rubel Ahmed

Source :Movement Against Xenophobia

Read the story and weep.

The demo has happened but expect a concerted campaign on this issue. Please follow MAX for further updates.


Via MAX - http://movagxen.wordpress.com/

More essential reading -

'Call for inquiry into death at Morton Hall immigration detention centre' :

'Left to die in British detention: who was Alois Dvorzac?' :

Unlocking Detention - a fantastic, crucially important blog :

Unlocking detention, unlocking change :

More posts on asylum, asylum seekers and detention :

Saturday, 20 September 2014

From Bang and David: News!

Source :Wang Bang / David Rushmer / I love my foreign spouse Facebook group

This has just been posted on the I love my foreign spouse Facebook support group by Bang :

'After a one year battle, we won our appeal!
(To watch our documentary film please click the link of Google Drive below)

'Our court day came in early August 2014. We had 11 witnesses attending the courtroom including my parents-in-law, my sister-in-law, and most of our common friends, although many of them had to stand outside because of the limited availability of seats in the courtroom. The hearing lasted for about 45 minutes. The Judge ended by saying, "I hope my decision will bring an end to this matter."

'Four weeks after we received the final determination from the First Tribunal, the Judge produced a carefully written report pointing out every error in my wife’s refusal, and our appeal fee was also refunded.

'In the 7 page long statement, the Judge said:

'There is a strong evidential base for inferring that the future intention of both parties is to live together as husband and wife. The supporting evidence appears to have been overlooked because of the focus on previous applications…

'I have no hesitation in finding on the voluminous evidence before me that there is a genuine and subsisting relationship between the parties. The evidence is well documented and supported not only by a documentary record but by the sponsor who I found to be a credible witness. He provided a straightforward and plausible account…
'Setting these concerns against the evidence regarding the current relationship and the development of that relationship since 2012 I find that the Appellant has demonstrated an intention to live permanently in the United Kingdom. Both of them are mature adults who have entered into this relationship with considerable regard for each other and their respective families. They are deeply committed to each other, share common interests and enthusiasm for literature and poetry in particular. The sponsor occupies a responsible position in the academic world and is responsible for the care of elderly parents. He has the strong support of colleagues and a wide circle of friends who know him…

'The Appellant has demonstrated through her actions in seeking leave, namely returning voluntarily to China, maintaining this close relationship, committing herself to marriage and submitting an application from outside the UK that she has a settled intention to live together with the sponsor…

'As indicated above I have taken into consideration her previous applications. I do not find in them anything which would suggest that the previous relationships were used in order to contrive entry clearance into the United Kingdom. In all the circumstance I find that the refusal decision was not in accordance with the law and Immigration Rules.

'No appeal has been lodged by the Home office against the Judge’s decision, therefore the determination is final and my visa will be issued.

'All our families and friends are over the moon. We cannot wait to share this good news with everyone who has been kind enough to support us. We would like to especially thank everyone in this group, thank you so much for sharing your stories, advice, experiences, happiness, kindness and compassion, your support has given us great strength to fight for justice. We would also like to say a big thank you to BritCits, who have been outstanding in defending the rights of international families and documenting the plight of those divided families, and a big thank you to Steven Green from BritCits, Journalist Michael Allen from The Independent, freelance Journalist and writer Hsiao-Hung Pai, Journalist Claudia Leong from Cambridge Tab and all the people who have helped us to gain publicity on various social medias, and 2,164 supporters who kindly signed our online petition.

'And finally, a big thank you to our lawyer, Paul Richmond from Richmond Chambers Immigration Barristers(winner of numerous prizes including the Best Immigration Set of the Year in the UK at 2014 Global Mobility & Immigration Award. )

'We will continually fight for a humane immigration policy with you for a fair and better society.
Please don’t give up hope! Never give up!
Love and hugs from David and Bang

our marriage.mpg

David's update on change.org :
'... Don’t forget we are still only one couple of approx 17,000 people currently separated by these rulings, do continue to give them your support.'

Bang's blog :

David and Bang's story :
“We are aware many applications despite satisfying all requirements are being refused for trivial or erroneous reasons...”

Bang's interrogation :

Paradise Lost? Help Cambridge librarian bring his wife home!


‘It feels like a lead weight has been lifted’ - Norfolk couple win two-year immigration battle to stay in UK

Source :Eastern Daily Press (East Anglia)


'Arlene and Stephen Watty broke down in tears when they heard their two-year ordeal was finally over and the Home Office had granted Arlene leave to stay in Britain on a spouse visa.'

'... The spousal visa give Arlene permission to stay in the UK for 30 months, after which she can apply for an extension and then a permanent visa. “I used to call her my wife and now I call her my permanent wife,” joked Stephen. “We’ve been to hell and back. But it’s finally over.”

Better together.

Previously -
Hemsby couple fighting to stay together fear Home Office battle might be lost :

‘I do not want to be separated from my husband’ - east Norfolk couple facing immigration battle :

Immigration battle goes on for Newport couple facing separation :

'Mary's story'

Source : Family Immigration Alliance


'... I can not take my child to Iran unless my husband goes to the Iranian Islamic centre in London and convert to Islam: a religion that nor me not my husband believe in or practice. All this in order to be allowed to apply for a visa to take my child to Iran. I feel trapped in a prison  and back in Iran I felt the same I don’t know where on this planet I can go to live a simple life and feel free.'

Please follow the Family Immigration Alliance : http://familyimmigrationalliance.wordpress.com/