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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Media requests following MM case judgment

We have had a lot of media requests for contact details of affected families.  The inundation combined with the scarce resources - time and manpower - BritCits has, means we are no longer able to individually seek out families, especially at this time when things with the MM case are a little crazy.

What we will do is collate media requests here and share it so families who are or have been affected by UK's family immigration rules can contact journalists directly if they are interested and meet any specified criteria.  

I urge families to take up the chance to voice their views - it is an opportunity to educate our fellow citizens on how restrictive and damaging these rules are and what the government has been doing. It may also pressure them to implement changes which are better for families!

The Independent is looking for any family affected by UK's immigration rules.  
Email: siobhan.fenton@independent.co.uk

STV News is looking for Scottish families.  
Email: claire.diamond@stv.tv 

BBC Two is looking for any family fallen victim to UK's immigration rules. Some coverage already on the Victoria Derbyshire Show. 
Email: divya.talwar@bbc.co.uk

BBC Wales News want to hear from Welsh speakers.
Email: Luned.Phillips@bbc.co.uk  Ph: 02920 322514

BBC Gloucestershire want to speak to local families. 
Pippa's Ph: 01452 307093 

BBC Three Counties Radio want to speak to families from Bedfordshire, Hetfordshire or Buckinghamshire.
Email: Akeem.Nicol@bbc.co.uk   Ph: (01582) 636 963

BBC Newsround - keen to hear about impact of absence from a parent from a child's perspective.  Chatty child between the ages of 9 and 12, who has used Skype to maintain ties with absent parent.
Email: Tasha.Crawford@bbc.co.uk

Masters student in Television Journalism at Goldsmiths University.  (Documentary request).
Email: rjanilesh@gmail.com

Press Association is keen to speak with anyone affected by these rules.
---------email address removed as requirement fulfilled-----------

Nine Lives Media - BAFTA and International Emmy winning TV production company based in Manchester. (Documentary request).
---------email address removed as requirement fulfilled-----------

MM case Joint Press Release - MRN and BritCits

Joint Statement of BritCits and Migrants' Rights Network

                                  WINNING THE RIGHT TO LIVE WITH YOUR FAMILY

BritCits and the Migrants’ Rights Network, today welcomed the decision to take the children’s best interest for family migration, but were disappointed that the minimum income requirement (MIR) remains.

For over four years, in some cases longer, families have waited for this final judgment, and today the Supreme Court ruled that the best interest of children needs to be taken into account, and alternative sources of funding must be considered alongside the MIR.

However, there will still be couples with and without children who will not be able to meet the MIR, and will today need to begin to make difficult decisions on their future. The MIR, currently set at £18,600, will continue to discriminate and negatively impact couples, and certain groups, such as refugees. At present, there are estimated to be over 41% of the working population who would not be able to meet this threshold.

Fizza Qureshi, Director of the Migrants' Rights Network said, “Today, families have won a great victory- they can finally be reunited. It is also welcome to see that alternative sources of funding should be considered alongside the minimum income threshold. However, for those without children, and those without alternative sources, today they will have to begin to make difficult decisions on their futures. And we will need to continue to pressure the Government to implement these changes ”

Sonel Mehta, Founder of BritCits said “It is disappointing that the Supreme Court acknowledges 301 out of 422 listed occupations earn on average less than the MIR, and often these are ’providing essential public services’ yet go on to uphold a MIR which is c50% higher than what a full-time worker earning the minimum wage could earn. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The appalling way this government has treated kids has not been lost on the Court, and alternative means of funding also now need to be taken into account. What this means for families though will be clearer only when we see how the government implements the required changes as they seem to have been afforded quite a bit of leeway on how they will do so.”

1. The family migration income threshold: Pricing UK workers out of a family life. http://www.migrantsrights.org.uk/files/publications/MRN_Family-Migration_Briefing-June_2014.pdf
2. BritCits is a human rights charity founded as a result of divisive family immigration rules which are leading to the break-up of families of British citizens and residents with non-EEA family members, whilst also forcing British citizens into exile.
3. The Migrants' Rights Network is a charity advocating for the rights of all migrants in the UK. MRN works with a range of stakeholders including migrant and refugee community organisations across the country.